Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Bitch first Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Bitch first - Essay Example For many decades, the society has considered the word offensive, more so when used to refer to a woman (Donalson 136). Until recently, the word ‘bitch’ was a derogatory name for a whore or a woman with loose morals (Low 96). Nevertheless, the contemporary society has fully embraced the use of the word even in inoffensive situations such as when referring to female colleagues and in idiomatic expressions (Dines, Gail, and Humez 78). Essentially, Queen Latifah brought significant influence on the use of the word through her rap music that continues to gain wide acceptance to date. Although the mention of the word ‘bitch’ in reference of a person was hitherto a taboo, the influence of rap as stated by Queen Latifah has made the word acceptable to the current generation. In the ancient times, the society was most conservatives and the use of certain words such as ‘bitch’ was limited to the animal reference and not humans (Allen 104). However, with r apid modernization, the use of the word to insinuate various scenarios has been widely accepted especially considering the huge number of slangs that the modern English has brought (Dines, Gail, and Humez 78). ... Although the traditionalist still abhor the use of the word ‘bitch’ to insinuate a human character, the modern use of the word has surpassed the virtual rule (Dines, Gail, and Humez 78). Perhaps it is appropriate to insinuate that Queen Latifah frequently named women in the same word in her lifelong musical career and in the world of art (Allen 104). This actually means that the use of the term in a social manner is acceptable in many social platforms as opposed to the ancient times when its mere mention was an abomination (Keyes 79). While the mention of the term bitch in the modern social context may elicit mixed reactions, it is widely believed that it appeals to many people in the same sense that it may offend others (Dunn 41). Therefore, one ought to consider the audience and the immediate social context whenever they plan to use the word in their conversation in order not to attract negative judgment from conservative audience (Donalson 136). Perhaps another aspect of the use of the term ‘bitch’ in the contemporary context is the reference to awful things (Dunn 41). For instance, one can refer to life as a bitch to connote the various challenges that come along in this world. In this regard, the use of the terms ought not to offend anyone, as it is used positively (Allen 104). Perhaps the use of the term ‘bitch’ came into popularity because of being used in many idiomatic expressions (Hess 82). While most of the idioms that use the word ‘bitch’ may not have any intention of negativity in them, it is important to admit the fact that modernity has only worsened the offensiveness of the word, particularly considering the disgusting idioms that use the

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