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Domestic violence against men Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Domestic violence against men - Essay Example Finally, this paper discusses the Elizabeth Smart’s case; it offers an overview of the case, elements of the crime, mitigating factors and connects the criminological theory of feminism to the crime committed against Elizabeth. Criminology Question 1 For many years, a great deal of focus has been put on women as victims of domestic abuse, but the focus should be put on men too as there are men who are also affected. 7.5 percent of men in the United States go through physical and or sexual abuse by affectionate partners at some time in their adult lives as Dreeben-irimia indicates (2011). There are plenty of reasons why domestic violence against men is not as much in the limelight as against women. The idea of men being abused is seen as embarrassing and unthinkable, so most men who are abused will not even contemplate reporting the situation. Men are seen as the stronger sex and an exhibition of weakness may make a man feel less of a man; thus, a man will not report so as not to be seen as weak. Secondly, there have been plenty of campaigns and programs put in place encouraging and supporting women who are abused, but this has not been seen in regard to men’s similar plight. ... It is only fair to treat them in an equal manner as the term criminal groups them as one. Secondly, white collar criminals in many occurrences are the ones who fund the street criminals and organize the street criminal groups. White collar criminals may be, to a certain extent, even more dangerous than street criminals. This is because one occurrence of deception or extortion could wipe out a company and devastate families by devouring their life savings; thus, white collar crime cannot be said to be without victims. White collar criminals dedicate their time and effort to commit economic scams just the same as street criminals dedicate theirs for their misdeeds, so both should be dealt with equally. This is so as to put in place stringent measures that will discourage people from engaging in white collar crimes. Treating white collar criminals any different may be precedent in encouraging people to engage in white collar crimes, after all, there is better treatment set aside for whi te collar crimes. Question 3 To a certain extent, the subculture of violence theory can explain high homicide rates in the South and to another extent it may not. The theory purports that, in big communities, people may develop attitudes and values that entice them to violence and acts of crime (Seifert and Kohl, 2011). The theory has an effect on adolescents because if it is understood, it could prevent them from turning into criminals in their adulthood. Surroundings may influence a person into turning to criminal acts, but everyone also has the right of choice. As much as criminal environments and circumstances influence people into crime, these places have also produced responsible people who flourish in life without committing acts of crime. Question 4

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